MARK STYLER Co., Ltd. (President Kenji Eto, head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereafter, MARK STYLER) will open the first sales outlet outside the United States for West Coast-born Fred Segal lifestyle select mall complex in Daikanyama, Tokyo in Spring 2015.


The first select mall complex in Japan will be located inside a commercial facility newly built on a former railway site atop a newly dug tunnel beneath Tokyu Toyoko Line. Brimming with green amidst a metropolitan center, this new form of commercial space where people assemble evokes rejuvenation, stimulation and a breath of fresh air. The facility was selected because it evokes the free, unique and innovative worldview of the Fred Segal legacy. Five buildings will be located within the 220 meter long mall site. Three will house Fred Segal sales outlets (approx. 727.27㎡ of floorspace) in a lifestyle select mall complex that offers dining as well as goods and services.


【About Fred Segal】

Founded in 1961, Fred Segal is rooted in Hollywood culture and has long been known for discovering and launching many now-famous beauty and apparel brands. From its early days as the pioneer of designer jeans to its current status as a retail innovator, Fred Segal originated experiential retail with its mix of highly curated merchandise and the best in dining and lifestyle offerings.
U.S. Company SANDOW obtained the global license rights in 2012 and contracted with MARK STYLER in November of the same year to secure a master copyright license for Japan and exclusive import and sale rights. The company partnered with U.S. Firm Evolution Media Partners in May 2014 to grow Fred Segal into a global luxury retailer. With three Los Angeles locations, Fred Segal is synonymous with LA style and casual chic, attracting celebrities and locals alike. Fred Segal will open seven stores in Las Vegas in August 2014 and in Tokyo and other locations across Japan in 2015.


【Comments from Fred Segal CEO Paul Blum】

“The original Fred Segal stores in LA have always appealed to the Japanese consumer who has an appreciation for cutting-edge style and Southern California culture. Tokyo is absolutely the right market for us to launch Fred Segal’s first international location and the innovative Daikanyama site will do a great job of reflecting our brand’s sensibility. We’re pleased to be working with our partner Mark Styler, who has deep experience in the Japanese fashion and retail market and truly understands the Fred Segal brand.”


【Fred Segal logo】






【Store Information】

Name: Fred Segal Daikanyama (tentative name)
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Daikanyama-cho, 13 other